2014 NWCC Football All-League Teams

nwcc_football_150NWCC Offensive Player of the Year: Nick Rourke, Lehman Catholic

NWCC Defensive Player of the Year: Greg Spearman, Lehman Catholic

NWCC Coach of the Year: Dick Roll, Lehman Catholic

First Team Offense
Quarterback: Nick Rourke, Lehman Catholic
Center: Joe Skelton, Lehman Catholic
Guard: Ben Montgomery, Lehman Catholic
Guard: Joe Rivera, Riverside
Tackle: David Ahrns, Fort Loramie
Tackle: Dylan Luhta, Upper Scioto Valley
End: Mitch Slater, Lehman Catholic
End: Brandon Neal, Perry
Running Back: Greg Spearman, Lehman Catholic
Running Back: Connor Cotterman, Riverside
Running Back: Austin Sloan, Upper Scioto Valley
Tight End: Brandon Bly, Waynesfield-Goshen

First Team Defense
Lineman: Clay Selsor, Lehman Catholic
Lineman: Daniel Zimmerman, Fort Loramie
Lineman: Brandon Bly, Waynesfield-Goshen
Lineman: Conner Shirk, Upper Scioto Valley
Linebacker: Jake Earhart, Lehman Catholic
Linebacker: Skylar Brown, Lehman Catholic
Linebacker: Nathan Pleiman, Fort Loramie
Linebacker: Zack Risner, Upper Scioto Valley
Defensive Back: Greg Spearman, Lehman Catholic
Defensive Back: RJ King, Perry
Defensive Back: Drew Wehrman, Fort Loramie
Defensive Back: Lake Turner, Waynesfield-Goshen
Punter: Justice McGue, Ridgemont
Kicker: Ian Smith, Lehman Catholic

Second Team Offense
Quarterback: Andy Grewe, Fort Loramie
Center: Jacob Kitzmiller, Fort Loramie
Guard: Luke Gigandet, Fort Loramie
Guard: Conner Shirk, Upper Scioto Valley
Tackle: Ty England, Riverside
Tackle: Chandler Little, Waynesfield-Goshen
End: Clint Ratermann, Fort Loramie
End: Chase Rose, Upper Scioto Valley
Running Back: Josh Siegel, Fort Loramie
Running Back: Tanner Lane, Riverside
Running Back: Justice McGue, Ridgemont

Second Team Defense
Lineman: Drew Lament, Waynesfield-Goshen
Lineman: Trey Freytag, Upper Scioto Valley
Lineman: Ryan Johnson, Ridgemont
Lineman: Levi Allen, Ridgemont
Linebacker: Austen Rush, Perry
Linebacker: Jon Norris, Riverside
Linebacker: Lucas Gray, Waynesfield-Goshen
Linebacker: Trey Crumrine, Waynesfield-Goshen
Defensive Back: Stephen Monnin, Lehman Catholic
Defensive Back: Brad Pleiman, Fort Loramie
Defensive Back: George Bauer, Upper Scioto Valley
Defensive Back: Chase Rose, Upper Scioto Valley
Punter: Lake Turner, Waynesfield-Goshen
Kicker: Lake Turner, Waynesfield-Goshen

Honorable Mention
Fort Loramie: Cole Cordonnier, Grant Olberding, Clay Eilerman
Lehman Catholic: Lane Monnin, Max Schutt, Austin Arnold
Perry: John Hairston, Plummie Gardner, Wanya Smith
Ridgemont: Corey Eversole, Cameron Smith, Trevor Sparks
Riverside: Jesse Kean, Blake Sacks, Landon Kelsey
Upper Scioto Valley: Spencer Holbrook, Wyatt Bischoff, Blake Stephens
Waynesfield-Goshen: Cheyne Tate, Brandon Turner, Jarrod Bly

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