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Address: 3165 Hillman Ford Rd Morral, OH 43337-9302
Principal: Don Vogt | Office Phone: 740-382-6065
Athletic Director: Cherie Leach | Office Phone: 740-383-2167 x222 | Email

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Ridgedale NWCC Championships

Baseball (0): none
Boys Basketball (0): none
Girls Basketball (1): 22
Football (0): none
Boys Golf (0): none
Softball (0): none
Boys Track & Field (0): none
Girls Track & Field (0): none
Volleyball (1): 21

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2023-24 NWCC Boys Basketball All-Conference Teams

NWCC Player of the Year: Alex Sanders, Upper Scioto Valley
NWCC Coach of the Year: Dre White, Upper Scioto Valley

1st Team
Wilson Garmatter, Cory-Rawson
Owen Clark, North Baltimore
Xavier Stuck, Ridgemont
Alex Sanders, Upper Scioto Valley
Maddox Underwood, Upper Scioto Valley
Levi Glick, Waynesfield-Goshen

2nd Team
Stephen Castillo, Elgin
Xander Wilson, Hardin Northern
Cooper Thomas, Hardin Northern
Zamere Daniel, Perry
Colton Bailey, Ridgemont
Dawson Clay, Temple Christian

Honorable Mention
Preston Stumpp, Cory-Rawson
Blake Boehm, Cory-Rawson
Nate Freshour, Elgin
Donaven Stith, Elgin
Nolan Hopson, Hardin Northern
Landon Wetherill, Hardin Northern
Wyatt Baltz, North Baltimore
Rowan Tackett, North Baltimore
Marcus Hill, Perry
Brady Shively, Perry
Eric Gottfried, Ridgedale
Evan Ricketts, Ridgedale
Kolton Manns, Ridgemont
Harrison Reppart, Ridgemont
Isaiah Kiser, Temple Christian
Jabaz DuPree, Temple Christian
Mason Thompson, Upper Scioto Valley
Beau Sanders, Upper Scioto Valley
Dalton Jordan, Waynesfield-Goshen
Landin Dewitt, Waynesfield-Goshen

2023-24 NWCC Girls Basketball All-Conference Teams

NWCC Player of the Year: Tatelyn Faraglia, Waynesfield-Goshen
NWCC Coach of the Year: Ted Patton, Perry

1st Team
Chelcie McVetta, Cory-Rawson
Maycee Muselin, Elgin
Sam Girton, Elgin
Khaliah Luster, Perry
Raegan Hutchison, Waynesfield-Goshen
Tatelyn Faraglia, Waynesfield-Goshen

2nd Team
Morgan McVetta, Cory-Rawson
Zyasija Scott, Perry
Mary Hoersten, Perry
Lexenna Lee, Perry
Lauren Leslie, Ridgedale
Anna Ramsey, Ridgemont
Tarynn Vorhes, Waynesfield-Goshen

Honorable Mention
Lanie Kempf, Cory-Rawson
Allison Stuckey, Cory-Rawson
Jordan Wall, Elgin
Madison Hill, Elgin
Alaina Thomas, Hardin Northern
Heidi Trachsel, Hardin Northern
Kaylee Allison, North Baltimore
Mackenna Ducat, North Baltimore
Miauni Hall, Perry
Tyanah Gordon, Perry
Camryn Thiel, Ridgedale
Brenda Scott, Ridgedale
Jayda Dondrea, Ridgemont
Ruth Eckstein, Ridgemont
Nevaeh Lowery, Upper Scioto Valley
Layla Hunsicker, Upper Scioto Valley
Cambrey Miller, Waynesfield-Goshen
Makenna Shaw, Waynesfield-Goshen

2024 OHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament Brackets

Division IV
Central 2 – Sectional/District
9. Ridgedale, 14. Elgin

Northwest 2 – Sectional/District
11. Cory-Rawson

Northwest 3 – Sectional/District
11. North Baltimore, 12. Hardin Northern

Northwest 4 – Sectional/District
4. Ridgemont, 5. Upper Scioto Valley, 8. Perry, 10. Temple Christian, 12. Waynesfield-Goshen

2024 OHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament Brackets

Division III
Central 1 – Sectional/District
15. Elgin

Division IV
Northwest 3 – Sectional/District
8. North Baltimore

Northwest 5 – Sectional/District
9. Cory-Rawson

Northwest 6 – Sectional/District
4. Perry, 8. Waynesfield-Goshen, 9. Upper Scioto Valley, 11. Hardin Northern, 12. Ridgemont

Central 1 – Sectional/District
8. Ridgedale

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