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2020-21 NWCC Boys Basketball All-Conference Teams

NWCC Player of the Year: Bubby Knight – Perry
NWCC Coach of the Year: Matt Tabler – Perry

1st Team
Bubby Knight – Perry
Landon Newland – Ridgemont
Connor Sanders – Upper Scioto Valley
Nevin Robson – Hardin Northern
Luke Frantz – Lehman Catholic
John Zumberger – Riverside

2nd Team
Jeffery Simpson – Perry
Terry Riley – Perry
Jackson Rohrs – Upper Scioto Valley
Mason Stuck – Ridgemont
Justin Chapman – Lehman Catholic
Owen Wetherill – Hardin Northern

Honorable Mention
Carson Rife – Elgin
Harrison Sager – Elgin
Luke Wilson – Hardin Northern
Cole Morris – Hardin Northern
Michael McFarland – Lehman Catholic
Landon McIver – Lehman Catholic
Ryan Yingst – Perry
Will Knight – Perry
Jayden Streets – Ridgemont
Austin Elsasser – Ridgemont
Landon Stewart – Riverside
Walker Whitaker – Riverside
Preston Patrick – Temple Christian
Landon Callahan – Temple Christian
Drew Stephens – Upper Scioto Valley
Kadyn Hurley – Upper Scioto Valley
Layton Campbell – Waynesfield-Goshen
Jayden Elliot – Waynesfield-Goshen

2020-21 NWCC Girls Basketball All-Conference Teams

NWCC Player of the Year: Lauryn Sanford – Riverside
NWCC Coach of the Year: Rod Yoder – Riverside

1st Team
Lauryn Sanford – Riverside
Kirstin Schlumbohm – Riverside
Brooke Nelson – Ridgemont
Amanda Howland – Ridgemont
Maddie Grappy – Hardin Northern
Rylie Barrington – Waynesfield-Goshen

2nd Team
Jordan Elliot – Waynesfield-Goshen
Lily Floyd – Perry
Callie Cromer – Ridgemont
Anna Cianciolo – Lehman Catholic
Olivia Perk – Riverside
Brooklyn Mathews – Elgin

Honorable Mention
Molly Hafer – Elgin
Mikayla Hill – Elgin
Bella Wilson – Hardin Northern
Eris McCoy – Hardin Northern
Mara O’Leary – Lehman Catholic
Heidi Toner – Lehman Catholic
Brooke Miller – Perry
Zierre Thompson – Perry
Emma Smith – Ridgemont
Hannah Shoffner – Ridgemont
Allison Knight – Riverside
Jade Copas – Riverside
Graesan Evans – Upper Scioto Valley
Allison Moore – Upper Scioto Valley
Peyton Spencer – Waynesfield-Goshen
Madilynn Flinn – Waynesfield-Goshen

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