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2010 NWCC All-League Baseball Teams

nwcc_baseball_150NWCC Player of the Year: Avery Smith, Riverside
NWCC Coach of the Year: Rob Kilgore, Riverside

1st Team
Avery Smith, Riverside
Justin Rhoades, Fairbanks
Brian Roberts, Upper Scioto Valley
CJ Castle, Ridgemont
Jordan Gilfillen, Riverside
Ronnie Jarvis, Waynesfield-Goshen
Jake Detwiler, Fairbanks
Reese Overly, Ridgemont
Dustin Proffitt, Riverside
Brandon Overs, Upper Scioto Valley

2nd Team
Drew Smith, Perry
Kyle Wyckoff, Fairbanks
Brey Buetner, Perry
Luke Heilman, Ridgemont
Gabe Hennon, Waynesfield-Goshen
Kyle Hurley, Riverside
Nick Cremeans, Fairbanks
Tyler Tillman, Ridgemont
Seth Ewing, Perry
Mike Seeling, Riverside

Honorable Mention
Fairbanks: Bobby Stiles, Caleb Ridgeway
Perry: Andrew Gipson, Tanner Hunt
Ridgemont: Jordan Lones, Derrick Freshcorn
Riverside: Chad Keith, Bryce Hodge
Temple Christian: Jeremy Young, Marcus Craig
Upper Scioto Valley: Seth Bischoff, Wes Krummrey
Waynesfield-Goshen: Curtis Shaner, Gaige Hennon

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2010 NWCC All-League Softball Teams

nwcc_softball_150NWCC Player of the Year: Sarah Grunert, Fairbanks
NWCC Coach of the Year: Paul Patton, Perry

1st Team
Sarah Grunert, Fairbanks
Megan Patton, Perry
Paige Guenther, Ridgemont
Abby Heaberlin, Riverside
Shelby Gilroy, Waynesfield-Goshen
India Rettig, Perry
Ashley Jones, Riverside
Mackenzie Williams, Fairbanks
Madi Greenbaum, Fairbanks
Alexandra Crawford, Waynesfield-Goshen

2nd Team
Alyssa Dyer, Waynesfield-Goshen
Abbie Patton, Perry
Alanna Long, Waynesfield-Goshen
Whitney Anderson, Upper Scioto Valley
Brittany Shough, Riverside
Brittany Walk, Fairbanks
Samantha Pittman, Fairbanks
Grace Poppelman, Ridgemont
Olivia Hinds, Perry
Amber Pemberton, Ridgemont

Honorable Mention
Fairbanks: Lacie Gibson, Courtney Walk
Perry: Brittany Triplett, Chelsea Kuck
Ridgemont: Haley Miller, Whitney Arseneau
Riverside: Sarah Schindewolf, Whitney Jenkins
Marion Catholic: Avery Pfeifer, Bianca Elder
Upper Scioto Valley: Morgan Hunsicker, Shelby Conley
Waynesfield-Goshen: Lindsay Harmon, Jessica Riemesch

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